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  • Hello, welcome to visit Tongling QinghuaBao Energy Sources Equipment Co.,Ltd.!?

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    First, the corporate mission

    Establish industry standards, never do energy products.

    Provide opportunities for employees to create wealth for society.

    Promote social progress, for the protection of human quality of life.

    Second, the company goals

    The company's energy products in the short term quickly into the domestic energy products, the first echelon, the scale of local industry leading position, to build the first brand of energy products in Anhui, Tsinghua Po people is the first stage.

    The implementation of diversification and the realization of transnational business objectives, for a hundred years of enterprises, Yong tree industry pioneer.

    Third, corporate philosophy

    Quality of survival, technology and development

    Integrity extension of the market, the management of efficiency

    Say good, do better!

    Careful service, the customer is responsible for!

    Fourth, values: integrity, progress, cooperation, innovation, humanity


    Comply with national laws and related systems and corporate systems;

    Do moral first, adhere to justice, integrity, trustworthiness and other important principles of doing things;

    With positive power on the surrounding have a positive impact.


    Conscientious and efficient implementation;

    Used to take responsibility, take the initiative to meet new tasks and challenges;

    Keep curiosity, keep learning, and strive for excellence.


    With open and win-win mentality, and partners to share the industry long;

    With the overall situation, with other teams can cooperate with each other to achieve the goal;

    Willing to share professional knowledge and work experience, and colleagues grow together.


    The purpose of innovation is to create value for the user;

    Everyone can be innovative, everything can be innovative;

    Dare to first, courageously innovate.


    Attention to the most important resources inside and outside the enterprise - people, people - oriented enterprise management;

    Attention, care for our staff, let the experience of home warm and caring;

    As much as possible to give employees more attention and care, cultivate the owner of the staff

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    Address: Private Industrial Zone in Suburb of Tongling city








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