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  • Hello, welcome to visit Tongling QinghuaBao Energy Sources Equipment Co.,Ltd.!?

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      Thank you friends, customers and colleagues over the years on the Tsinghua Po's attention, trust and support. Your concern is the basis of my company's survival; your trust is the driving force for the development of our company; your support is my company's success guarantee.

      The perfect production process is our endless pursuit, to help partners to achieve success is the driving force of our business development. Keep making progress, make every effort to enhance the traditional high-tech solar water heater production process, Tsinghua Po solar water heaters are trying to close to the world-class level. With high quality, high level of equipment to survive and develop space, relying on perfect service and rigorous attitude to serve consumers.

      In the solar energy industry booming today, in the face of new domestic and international market opportunities and challenges, the company will, as always, adhere to scientific and technological updates, management innovation, Tsinghua Po always adhere to the quality first, service first, the credibility of the first business purposes, For the new and old customers to provide quality and efficient solar water heater products.

      Today's achievements from everyone's support, today's honor is our hard work from tomorrow's development requires unremitting efforts and everyone's sincere cooperation.

      Welcome you to take precious time to my company inspection, training, comparison, your judgment and choice is our pursuit of goals ... ...

      Speak with the truth, spread by word of mouth! Quality cast brand, professional achievements dream, and strive to be brilliant.

      Tsinghua Po company's development, inseparable from the vast number of friends from all walks of life understanding and support, but also inseparable from the vast number of old and new customers over the years of care and love. In this respect, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and high respect, and look forward to continuing to give us more care and support!

      Let us work together to create tomorrow's success!

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    Address: Private Industrial Zone in Suburb of Tongling city








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