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    Principle Solution Engineering Case Advantage Analysis

      1. solar water heater very sunny weather why the water temperature is not high?

      Generally have the following reasons:

      1), the top of the water heater with trees, tall buildings and other shelters.

      2), Sheung Shui valve is not strict, tap water (cold water) will be hot water out of the tank. 3), excessive sediment in the water (such as well water) deposited in the vacuum tube affect the collection and circulation. 4), the local air pollution is serious, the vacuum tube surface dust. If the above problems exist, the first is to remove the shelter or re-select the installation location. The second is to replace the water valve. The third is to open the water heater, cleaning with detergent, water, this situation is a case. The fourth scrub about the vacuum tube on it.

      2. morning water with nearly an hour, but at night when the water is not large, found that the water tank seems to be dissatisfied with the water?

      In this case, first check whether the water pressure is sufficient. If the pressure is not enough, you can add a miniature pump. Second look at the upper and lower water pipes are leaking. There is leakage, then replace the pipeline, valve or connector. The third case may be the water tank itself leaking, this time only replace the tank or re-welding tank.

      3. Why is the solar water heater leaking?

      First, the seal is damaged or the tank is not installed. The solution is to replace the seal or re-install, so that the tank and the vacuum tube alignment. Second, the tank liner open welding. You can ask professionals to repair welding or change the new gall bladder. Third, indoor or outdoor a tube bad.

      4. sometimes in the shower when the water temperature suddenly hot and cold, wash up uncomfortable?

      This is due to the large and unstable tank pressure. At this time the user can add a deputy tank in the roof, both cold water can also be regulated, against the cold water, or with automatic temperature control valve.

      5. winter hot water does not come, cold water is a lot?

      1) is the upper and lower water pipes in the winter freeze.

      2), the weather is too cold.

      3), no insulation. At this time by the dealer to its pipe insulation, can also be used electric antifreeze (plate) heating pipe. Another use to have skills: First, the night run out of the water tank, the next morning water. Second, in the coldest night to open the hot water valve slowly dripping hot water antifreeze. Now many manufacturers in the design concept, emphasizing the use of winter as a standard, solar water heaters in winter is also increasingly easy to use.

      Warm reminder: the use of solar water heaters, especially in winter use should pay attention to the following points:

      First, before entering the winter should check whether the insulation tube is good, with or without disconnection, leakage package, cracking phenomenon, whether the external pipeline water trap. Second, with a pipe drain valve, hot water should be used immediately after the closure of the exhaust valve to open the hot water nozzle, drain the water pipe up and down the water. Third, even in the winter, the vacuum tube without water for more than 1 hour can not pay water to prevent the explosion tube. Fourth, the winter if the home if the uninhabited, should drain out the water in the outdoor pipeline, and close the water main valve, the mixing valve handle placed in the warm water level was open. Finally, the upper and lower water pipes should be taken to take insulation measures. If you encounter other problems, should contact the maintenance department in a timely manner, to find specialized staff maintenance.

      6. Solar water heater is not hot water

      Faulty cause: Vacuum collector and reflector surface deposition of more dust or a block; vacuum collector leak loss of vacuum; heat pipe failure, the weather is not good, lack of solar radiation energy, low temperature; water valve is not closed Strict, in a slow water or discharge state.

      Trouble solution: According to the above causes of failure to take the following methods: wipe the vacuum collector and reflector surface dust, remove the shelter; replace the vacuum tube; replace the heat pipe; use electric auxiliary heating device; tighten the valve, make it Do not leak or check the valve quality, replace the water valve.

      7. Solar water heater is not water

      Failure reasons: the water tank has been empty; pipe interface loose or blocked; winter up and down the water pipe freeze; vacuum tube loss or silicone ring off.

      Trouble solution: to replace the pipeline interface loose or plug the fault; to improve the pipe insulation, and should be equipped with tropical or antifreeze; check is true after the replacement of vacuum tube or silicone ring.

      8. Solar water heater is not on the water

      Failure reasons: outside the water or water pressure is too low; water pipe interface loose or damaged.

      Problem Problem Solution: Wait for normal water pressure; check maintenance line.

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