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    Principle Solution Engineering Case Advantage Analysis

      First, heating comfort; to warm is the most comfortable way of heating, solar heating to use the effect and the traditional use of the same warm, follow the warm feet of the ergonomic principles.

      Second, the cost of solar heating to run very low, almost no need to consume energy; solar panels and heating area than enough load needs, such as the adverse weather we only need to use a small amount of auxiliary energy can still achieve the heating requirements of the temperature.

      Third, clean and environmentally friendly pollution; solar energy is a clean renewable resources, will not pollute the environment.

      Fourth, the summer thermostat heat storage module also has to maintain the role of indoor temperature, do not open the air conditioning or reduce the number of air conditioning and energy consumption, the constant temperature heat storage module not only reduces the indoor temperature and no cold feeling and no energy consumption.

      Fifth, the solar energy can be integrated with the building to form a whole, do not occupy the area; solar collector board on the roof, floor heating pipe buried in the floor below, do not occupy the indoor use area, nor affect the indoor beauty.

      Sixth, the sun to warm a machine multi-purpose; summer or autumn do not need heating when we can provide free living water.

      Seventh, four seasons constant temperature; due to constant temperature heat storage module isothermal exothermic function is always the indoor tidal temperature.

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