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  • Hello, welcome to visit Tongling QinghuaBao Energy Sources Equipment Co.,Ltd.!?

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    1、 Introduction to Tsinghua Bao investment promotion manual

    This manual is a guiding document for a comprehensive introduction to Tsinghua Bao. The manual introduces the relevant contents of the brand investment promotion and operation system to operators from different angles.

    We hope to establish a solid cooperative relationship with more business elites all over the country on the basis of mutual understanding and trust and jointly seek long-term interests. Therefore, before you join Tsinghua Bao operation system, you must fully understand the advantages of this system and make a scientific and objective self-assessment, so as to facilitate both parties to make appropriate choices.

    2、 Company profile

    Tongling qinghuabao Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., located in Tongling City, Anhui Province, known as the "ancient copper capital of China", is a high-tech enterprise specializing in solar water heaters and other solar energy utilization products.

    With a registered capital of 31.05 million yuan, Tongling qinghuabao Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. has a professional solar energy production line with an annual output of 50000 units. The company has 50 employees and can produce all kinds of economical and luxury household solar water heaters, large-area solar collective heating projects and building integrated residential solar heating projects. The newly developed series of new products such as solar LED road lights, led courtyard lights, LED corridor lights, indoor lights and LED lawn lights have been highly praised by our customers.

    For a long time, our company has paid attention to the investment in science and technology, firmly adhered to the concept of people-oriented science and technology, provided a lot of funds for the R &amp; D and trial production of new products, and ensured that the developed energy-saving and environmental friendly green solar products enter the market stably. Relying on modern management system, reliable quality, strong technical force, qualified price and high-quality service, the company dares to compete for the first and move forward bravely in the fierce market competition, and constantly make the enterprise bigger and stronger.

    Our company has fully passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, CCC National Compulsory Certification, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification and ohsas18001:2011 occupational health and safety system certification. The company has passed the expert review organized by Anhui housing industry promotion center, obtained the promotion certificate of Anhui construction new technology and new products, and has successfully applied for the innovation fund project of scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises. Among them, the innovative product qinghuabao flat-panel solar water heater has won nine national patents and has been rated as "high-tech products". The products produced by the company have passed the national test, and all indicators are qualified. Over the years, the company has been rated as "high-tech enterprise", "Anhui famous trademark", "Anhui famous brand products", "Tongling price integrity unit", "contract abiding and trustworthy unit", "Anhui integrity unit", "civilized integrity private enterprise" and other certificates.

    The company pays attention to management and has a set of effective management mechanism to ensure product quality; To expand the market, we have an excellent marketing team and formed a perfect sales network inside and outside the province. The products have high popularity in Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Guangzhou and other places, and become best-selling products.

    Adhering to the tenet of "high quality, high professionalism and high service", our company advocates keeping pace with the times and pursuing excellence. We are willing to jointly promote the green revolution with new and old customers, create a world of energy conservation and environmental protection, and make greater contributions to the development of new energy industry!

    3、 Background analysis of solar energy market

    With the development of society, many high-tech products appear in front of people, so that people can enjoy life better. For example, the emergence of solar water heater has become the focus of many people's attention. Many people pay considerable attention to this market. Here is a comprehensive analysis of the solar water heater market.

    Now people are very concerned about energy. Nowadays, many countries are short of energy. Our country has a large population and some energy is quite short. Therefore, people continue to develop new energy and want to use unlimited energy to improve people's life. The emergence of solar water heater is a new energy. As we all know, there is no limit to sunlight. No matter how it is used, there will be no shortage. Therefore, this is a new discovery, which has been highly valued by various countries. At present, the market share of solar water heater in many foreign countries is 90%, but it has just developed in our country's market. Therefore, in the future, the development of this product in our country's market will be more rapid. Therefore, the prospect of the industry is very good.

    Premier Li Keqiang proposed that our country must vigorously develop new energy and develop energy-saving and environmental protection products. The premier said that the reason for this is to promote consumption in the market and increase people's investment. The national government will support this. Therefore, the State supports the solar water heater market, so that when the industry develops, it will continue to form scale and realize industrialization. Society is developing gradually. I believe that solar water heaters will occupy the whole market soon.

    4、 Industry advantages

    (1) Brand advantage

    The company entered the early stage of industrialization of solar energy heat utilization industry and has the first mover advantage. After more than ten years of exploration and development, the company has had a great impact in the industry, has a high position and good reputation in the medium and high-end market, and has won honors such as "Anhui famous brand certificate", "Anhui famous trademark", "contract abiding and trustworthy unit certificate".

    (2) Marketing advantage

    As a manufacturer and exporter, the company adopts the sales mode of direct selling, and provides consumers with high-quality products and services by setting up exclusive stores in various places and implementing face-to-face product sales, as well as online marketing, advertising marketing and green marketing. The organization of the company is simple and easy to coordinate. It can make decisions in time and flexibly control the marketing strategy of the enterprise. Adopt the marketing channel with short level, so it has strong control over terminal sales and can quickly implement various channel strategies.

    Specificity: since the main business varieties are solar water heater products, it is easy to make very specific products to help the company gain a firm foothold in the market;

    Trendy: the company has a wide variety of solar water heaters and other products, which can be selected according to different construction environments, different house types and different requirements of customers, so as to attract more customers and provide them with better products and services;

    Flexible customization: the small scale of the company is conducive to flexibly customize products according to customers' needs and obtain competitive advantages.

    (3) Technical advantages

    With a high-level R &amp; D platform, leading product technology and a capable technical team, the company adheres to scientific and technological innovation, participates in the formulation of a number of provincial and industrial technical standards, and invests a lot of funds in R &amp; D, which ensures that the product technology and system technology rank at the advanced level of the industry, and obtains the "high-tech enterprise certificate", "high-tech new product promotion certificate", "Anhui high-tech product certification certificate" "Project approval certificate of innovation fund for scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises", etc. The company's products enjoy the leading technical position in the industry and have obtained a number of invention patents and practical patent certificates.

    (4) Management advantage

    Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on the R &amp; D, production and sales of solar thermal utilization products, and has accumulated rich management experience. Most of the current key managers have several years of industry experience and have a deep understanding of industry development and enterprise management. The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 management system certification. The company always focuses on customers, balances the interests of customers, shareholders, employees, partners and society, and realizes the development of the company when creating value for stakeholders. The company puts quality first and safety first throughout the daily work process. The company has obtained the "integrity unit certificate" every year and recognized as an AAA standardized good behavior enterprise.

    5、 Tsinghua Bao service system

    1. Information exchange system:

    Personnel exchange: the headquarters of the company supervises the tour of terminals, exchanges experience, guides operation and market promotion;

    Written communication: mainly in the form of telephone, fax, letter and e-mail;

    Network interconnection: all operators can access the headquarters at any time through the Internet to query the latest information and industry trends, so as to realize the sharing of information resources and interconnection between the headquarters and operators;

    Conference services: the headquarters holds operator meetings from time to time to exchange experience, improve business methods and jointly discuss business development strategies.

    2. Training system:

    (1) Industry status and company profile training:

    The headquarters will conduct a macro analysis of the whole market and systematically explain the brand purpose and brand concept;

    (2) Technical operation training:

    The headquarters has various middle and senior engineers and installation and maintenance engineers. The operator can assign staff to the headquarters to participate in technical theory and operation training;

    (3) Operation training:

    The headquarters shall conduct investigation and analysis according to the specific conditions of operators at all levels, and provide training and guidance to operators and management personnel from time to time;

    (4) After sales service training:

    The after-sales service system of the headquarters has been formulated to improve the after-sales service level of each operator.

    3. Marketing guidance system:

    (1) The headquarters will put forward guidance suggestions on the marketing promotion strategies and schemes of each operator at different times, give guidance schemes, and assist the operators to explore the market by stages and stages;

    (2) The headquarters has a senior marketing team with practical experience and successful cases, which can formulate appropriate marketing plans and correct operation guidance for operators in different regions and levels.

    4. Customer service system:

    The company establishes a complete system engineering plan and provides a unified service standard and a unified customer management system.

    Implementation content:

    Set up a "Tsinghua Bao service system engineering service center" in provincial capitals and municipalities directly under the central government;

    (1) set up 24-hour online service, 8 × 365 telephone hotline service, door-to-door service within two working days;

    (2) provide professional and full-time installation and maintenance service team;

    (3) promise to purchase products for free installation, three-year free warranty (main engine) and lifelong repair;

    (4) sign the installation and warranty agreement with the user;

    (5) carry out regular or irregular follow-up investigation on users' use;

    (6) computerized management and establishment of user installation, repair and maintenance files;

    6、 Tsinghua Bao cooperation system and project investment scheme

    1. Cooperation and sharing include:

    (1) exclusive brand operation in the region

    (2) development and management of markets in the region

    (3) construction and management of secondary and tertiary distribution channels in the region

    (4) the most favorable policy guarantee of the headquarters,

    2. Operator requirements

    (1) the operator must be a legal person or natural person with certain economic strength;

    (2) have basic marketing knowledge, modern marketing concept and sales network (which can radiate to surrounding areas) or end-user network.

    (3) have good credibility.

    (4) agree to carry out after-sales system engineering services in the region, and send installation personnel to our headquarters for training in our installation and maintenance skills.

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