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      Tongling City Qinghua Po energy equipment limited liability company adhering to the "science and technology is the driving force of civilization, talent is the source of science and technology" concept, the respect for the talent in the first place, cultivate and improve staff capacity, employees and enterprises to improve as a common The company's goals. If employees can melt into the team, into the enterprise, will be able to achieve a higher level of self, the achievements of a more perfect self. Companies to create a self-learning, self-motivated team cooperation environment, so that each employee can work with enterprises to work together to grow together to create a successful career.

      In the process of realizing our dreams, what we need most is talent. Outstanding talent is the foundation of an outstanding business. We always believe that talent is the soul of business development and development. In the development of human resources, our talent strategy is to tap the potential of employees through modern human resources management practice, improve the quality of staff, optimize the talent structure, to enhance the competitive advantage of enterprises, to seize the high point of future development, for the preferences of innovation and challenges of talent Fully display the stage, to create a personal value to achieve the excellent environment, the pursuit of business needs and staff needs the best combination.

      In the process of human resource management, the company insists on the management innovation, the system innovation, the concept innovation, creates an open, fair and just environment, establishes a mechanism to give full play to the potential of the individual, and provides the staff with the development space to realize the self-realization value.

      The company will provide to employees:

      1, a good working environment, harmonious colleagues and solidarity and vitality of the work team;

      2, meritorious service, encourage young people to promote the position of the system;

      3, good learning training program.

      Tongling City Qinghua Po energy equipment limited liability company is a young business, a staff as the most important wealth of enterprises, a company with a better future. We hope that more people to join our ranks, more people concerned about our development.

      The essence of enterprise competition is human competition and competition for talent, and talent competition is the talent system, the employment method of competition. Tsinghua Po is a respect for knowledge, respect for people, where, all kinds of elite can fully display their talent, and get a reasonable return. In the course of nearly four decades of development, the company has deeply felt the relationship between people and business, the following general description of this relationship:

      Productivity = intelligence = ability = potential ≠ academic ≠ qualifications

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