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  • Hello, welcome to visit Tongling QinghuaBao Energy Sources Equipment Co.,Ltd.!?

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    Vacuum tube integrated solar energy、Balcony wall mounted flat panel solar energy、Air energy、street lamp

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    Tsinghua Bao year-end summary welcome new year meeting

    HOTTsinghua Bao year-end summary welcome new year meeting

    In the past year, all employees of the company have fully carried forward the enterprise spirit of "loyalty, unity, realism and innovation". Under the correct leadership of the factory leaders and the joint efforts of all employees of the company, our employees have better completed the work tasks and annual profit indicators of this year and achieved fruitful results.

    Warmly welcome the grand opening of China International (Wuhan) solar thermal products ExpoIn order to save energy, reduce consumption and reduce emission in the motherland, improve the quality of solar heat utilization projects, and learn the experience of solar heat and photovoltaic. The chairman of the company decided to participate in the 14th China International (Wuhan) solar thermal utilization Products Expo and the 12th China (Wuhan) heat pump / wall mounted boiler / water purification and HVAC products exhibition. The fruitful results will greatly benefit the future development of our company.

    Tongling QinghuaBao Energy Sources Equipment Co.,Ltd. is located in a Chinese bronze city which is a professional solar water heaters and other solar energy products’ high-tech enterprise in Tongling,Anhui Province.

    Tongling Qinghua Bao Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. registered capital of 31.05 million yuan, with an annual output of 50,000 sets of professional production line of solar energy and had 50 employees.It can produce all kinds of economic products like luxury home solar water heaters,large collective solar heating project and building integrated residential solar heating project.The latest development of solar LED street lamps, LED garden lights, LED lights and LED interior corridor and lawn series of new products are praised by the majority of customers.

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    Address: Private Industrial Zone in Suburb of Tongling city








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